The Truth About Teacher Pay

The Truth About Teacher Pay There’s been a lot of talk recently about how trustees voted against an increase in teacher’s pay.  Since this is untrue, it’s probably time to set the record straight.   The trustees took up the topic of pay increases for the teachers and other employees of the school district starting […]

Test Score Shell Game

What’s the deal with test scores? There’s been a lot of talk recently by my opponent and her supporters about our “dismal” rankings and test scores.  Now the TAPR data is sometimes difficult to interpret (there’s an instruction manual to go with it), but the discrepancies between the actual results in the TAPR report and […]

Thank You, No

I was asked to interview with Patriot Mobile Action PAC.  I declined the interview and intend to decline all such requests from non-local entities.  Endorsements, support, or a “rating” from non-local groups might look good on the Website, but my only interest is the opinion of the people of GCISD.  The following is the text […]

What Does 7 Generations of Texas History Look Like?

 Louie is a 7th generation Texan from his Paternal Grandmother.  Louie’s 4th Great Grandfather was Thomas Hudson Barron. Barron fought at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.  This was the last major conflict in the War of 1812. Barron first came to Texas in 1821 with Steven F. Austin’s “Old Three Hundred” colonists.  He returned […]

Where’s the Fire?

The Trustees participate in community activities throughout the year. Here, Grapevine Fire Chief Brown is driving the city’s vintage fire engine transporting Superintendent Dr. Robin Ryan, and Trustees Coley Canter, Becky St. John, Louie Sullins, and Casey Ford in the 2021 Grapevine High School Homecoming Parade.