Thank You, No

I was asked to interview with Patriot Mobile Action PAC.  I declined the interview and intend to decline all such requests from non-local entities.  Endorsements, support, or a “rating” from non-local groups might look good on the Website, but my only interest is the opinion of the people of GCISD.  The following is the text of my response:

Thank you for reaching out and offering to meet. I will pass on meeting and why:

In Texas, school board elections are a local matter and non-partisan. As a Conservative Christian Republican, I run a local, non-partisan campaign. 

An avid defender of First Amendment rights and a person who routinely enjoys his Second Amendment rights, I defend free speech in schools and am very involved in school safety. My record on the school board speaks for itself locally. While I sincerely appreciate your interest, the involvement of national organizations in local elections will not play well here. In fact, it would likely be detrimental. 

As a 7th generation Texan with family roots back to the original 300 Stephen Austin settlers, I strongly support our Texas tradition of local elections and reject the politicization of those elections from non-local entities. As a trustee and the descendant of two Christian church founders in Texas, I also honor my oath to the Constitution which includes the Establishment Clause. 

Thank you for your understanding.